All images copyright Joshua Hicks (a.k.a. Colorado Josh). All rights reserved.

Artist's Statement: 

The delicate balance of light and perspective used to capture an image generates beauty beyond mere words. In capturing these moments through my photography, I hope to share my personal vision of our world with you, the observer. Combining my appreciation of nature, my love of adventure and a passion for photography gives me the opportunity to savor life’s intense moments with every click of the shutter. That is all I need. I am ever open to new experiences and challenges in photography, be it landscape, portrait, still life, street shots, or abstract….beauty from every angle that stirs my imagination, as I hope my photography will stir yours.
About the Artist:
Joshua Hicks was born in Denver and grew up in Lakewood. He attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver and has a Bachelor of Science degree in the earth sciences. He worked for the US Geological Survey from 2006 to 2017. He is now a full time photographer living in Edgewater. 

Buying Prints: 

All paper and canvas prints are produced by the Painted Pixel located in Edgewater.

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